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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

please forgive me...

assalamualaikum guys...

Ermm, i felt so sad this time..I have to broke some heart just now...Im sorry to do that..Please forgive me..I hope i will do the right thing just now...Huh..Its hard for me to make this but i need it for my life and his life...I do love you but when i think back we should to take our way and that way will broke your heart...

If you guys read this, you all will say that i'm so cruel right?I don't care whatever people outside want to talk about me..Im really don't care anymore..Its good for u and me..We take our own journey and if we still have chemistry we meet again and together..

I don't wanna be hurt anymore and also to avoid you..Im sorry..Maybe this nite is my rainy nite..But i redha with anything coming to me..Ya Allah, please avoid me from this situation and make him calm with my decision..Ya Allah, please guide him in anything he will do and please gives him strength..

I hope he will accept everything after this..And i love if we can be friends. Amin..
Lastly, please forgive me......... (T__T)

thanks you..

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