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Friday, November 7, 2014

Dear Love One

Day by day just like learning experience for me
Sometimes we are going up and sometimes we are going down
When we are going up and down, we have a different feeling on both situation
For me yes but i don't know others

You know what, when i am getting be ok with myself which is I stable and comfort,
There will be something that can harsh my feeling, my stability and something that good that i get.
Ya, i can't denied because it always disturb me.
So, i take time to think and i get the answer.
He wants me always with Him.
Ya, maybe in that time, i just ignore Him even i remember Him in everything that I had done.
I ask Him for everything, but to get from Him is not easy.
Hurmmm, i know that He loves me a lot.
He bring me a variety of feeling and make me sick, but He has their reason why he gave me that.

Sometimes I lost from my path.
I lost and I realize that I need to come back.
During I'm lost, I crying like a baby.
And try to blame fate but when I'm okay, I think back.
He just want me become more strong just like I ask Him to give me during my Du'a
Strong to face a life journey day by day.
I hope He will guide me always.
I just need His love to me like I am done even sometimes I make mistakes.

Please give some lights for me.
Please stay with me forever my Dear love one.
Please with me.

Salam alaik.

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