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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tasneem Ayra? Who?


Ok, just curious rite now..
Suddenly Tasneem Ayra was here.. Opss! No.. the anonymous said about Tasneem Ayra.
Who is she? Why he/she talked about that girl?
Ok, Intan please positive..
Maybe this person want to take positive aura from my writing..

Nevermind la...
Janji that person can use all spirit words from my writing.. *if have (-_-)


Tasneem. Hurm, very soft name..
Like Ainan Tasneem..but i don't really admire her..
Hehehe.. Normally girl doesn't like girl...
Right? (^_-)

Maybe this Tasneem Ayra very soft, polite and gently person..
Who's know?

Ok la.. Sape pun Tasneem Ayra, hope dia sentiasa bahagia and wujud la hendaknya..



Anonymous said...

tersenyum bila ade topik about Tasneem Ayra..
kalau u ade baby gurl nnti plez kasi nama Tasneem Ayra..boleh?
by the way, who is intan? i taught ur name is Akmar?

Akmar said...

Hai. Actually who are you ea? Hurm,nama Tasneem Ayra macam familiar. Thats why i make some story about her. Hikhik.. nice suggestion from you. Why not i use that name for my future baby gurl rite? InshaaAllah, i will but i already got my future daughter. With nice meaning. Hope, u will come again and read my others post. ;)

Anonymous said...

my name is Anonymous..
i visit your page everyday..jadi stalker lak..hehe..
jgn lupa bg nama baby gurl u Tasneem Ayra,,xkisah la anak ke brpa tpi mesti ada..huhu

Amzar Arif said...

Manusia oh Manusia .

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