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Friday, February 15, 2013

Finally, i can see the happy tears from forever love.. :')

Today was very nervous day for me..
It is because, my result came out from faculty bunch..
From morning, i just pray to Allah supaya dipermudahkan segala urusan harian..

I'm not terus terjah email, but i just make a day like normally..
After breakfast, i tried to open my email because have a few my classmates texting me to know about my result..
Im just reply to them that i was afraid to open my email and looked at my result..

With kalimah "Bismillahirrahmannirrahim" i opened my email.
Scroll one by one email and I found email from UiTM...
Ok, click that email and I'm very shocked and wanna to cried!
Ya Allah! Only that came out from my mouth...
I got want i want..
I achieved my target for this semester!
*have a lil bit cried.

Take a phone and dialing my mum nunber..
I want she the first one know about my result..
But, she didn't pick up and i tried again, again, and again...
Hurm, a lil bit disappointed and my friend called me..
And I told her about this news..

After that, i tried to reach my mum again..
And, told her!
Suddenly I heard that someone cried at there...
My tears also came out..
This is for you mum!
I tried hard to gave you this present..
Event I'm useless but this was just for you..

I love you and always want to make you happy with I done..
To dad also.. Thank you for your doa' and the way you teach me from I'm kiddo until now..

Love both of you very much! :')


Anonymous said...

X mention name aku.. :(


Akmar said...

Ala, tak cite tak bermakne lupe..
As someone un oklah.. heee..

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