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Friday, September 14, 2012

sometimes (-___-)

Bila aku mula berfikir, bukan nak ber 'self fish'..
But something, when you do something that you effort to do it, for sure you can do it without anyone beside you..
Huh, when i think like that, maybe some others perspective to me is very wrong..
Like malay seldom, " Bagai kacang lupakan kulit" or so on..

Actually not like that..
I just thinking, if you have effort to do something for person that you love, why not you give a lil bit effort to person that you called friend?

Maybe if people read this, it will hurt them..
Hurm, i don't know how to express what i think..
Only this medium that i used to express what i felt...


That was only my thinking...
Its up to other people to judge it...
I didn't mean to hurt anyone..
I just be honest from my heart...
That's it...

Thanks sudi bace!

I'm sorry if i'm not a good friend..
But sometimes, people look at us with weird face...
I don't want to be like that...

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