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Thursday, February 24, 2011



close-up picture

half body picture

full body picture

hari ni, ketika saya berblogwalking, terjumpa la satu blog ni yang akan merealisasikan impian gadis-gadis yang ingin menceburi bidang, saya salah seorang gadis-gadis yang ada impian begitu , nak ler mencuba join contest ni... so if korang nak join contest ni leh la klik2 kat sini. so disini, telah diceritakan terma-terma dan syarat untuk contest..

pemilik contest ni adalah evagurl izma..beliau adalah seorang model sb saya tgok di blog beliau banyak pic photoshoot serta fashion show..huhuu..melihat beliau, menguatkan lagi semangat untuk mencube..hope will come true..amin..

why i want to participate in this contest?

i want to be a successful muslimah model.

because i like to expose in front of camera..hahaha.. gilak lensa is me! :)
but sometimes malu-malu sikit.

just to show if i have a talent or not to be a muslimah model.

that is my hobby to participate any contest in blog world just for fun.

huhuu..that's my reason to join this contest..

How to join?

  1. Follow these blogs and like this fan page:
    1. Evagurl Izma (Organiser)
    2. Khairul Azkar (Photographer)
    3. Mohd Faiz Khalil (Photographer)
  2. Post an entry title " SHOW ME YOUR POSE CONTEST"
  3. Link this entry in your post.
  4. Put the banner above in your entry.
  5. You have to upload 3 pictures of yourself (with the best pose) which are close up, half and full body.
  6. Write something about this blog. (
  7. Then write a simple statement/essay on 'Why I want to be a model?" in a creative way.
  8. Leave the link of your entry in the comment box below.
  9. Promote this contest to others.

Read more>> click here.. :)


haziQah said...

cantik tudng biru :)

ada mokhtar said...

good luck =)

Nur Zaheera said...

goodluck :')

enemylover said...

haziqah: thanks dear..tudung tu memg lawo,orangnye idak..hehehe..

ada mokhtar: thanks ada..n thanks again sb tgok entry ni..

nur zaheera: u too zaheera..thanks tau..sudi jenguk blog ni.. :)

♥sophie♥ said...

sweet :)

Anonymous said...

check this out dear :)

akmar mia said...

ok miss eva... :)

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