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Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Shazmeen Izzaty, Fahana Sarifudin, and Shafiqqah Izzaty!

Ok, today my cousin birthday...
Tomorrow, my sister birthday..
Another tomorrow another cousin birthday..
So I make a wish in one entry...
Heeee... Save my energy and ideas to taip-taip.. :)

Hurm, kakak don't have word to declamation to you all but kakak always love you so much..
Sometimes we need to remember that our relation not only relatives but more than that..
We such a very close siblings...
Anything to share, you have me as your kakak to story..
Anytime you wanna cry, you have me as your kakak to lay on my shoulder...
Anytime you wanna laughs, you have me as your kakak to make something crazy thing...
You can have me anytime if you want as long as I'm not busy.. :')

Now, you all dah grow up..
Everything is not same like our childhood..
We need to be more mature with a lil bit manje-manje..
Hehehe.. But with kakak, you all still my lil baby sister..
Always worried in every situation..
Tapi kakak tahu, korang boleh jaga diri sendiri...

So, dah sweet sour 19th dengan 16th should be more proper in your life k?
Hurm so semoga dipanjangkan umur, dan dimurahkan rezeki serta kelak dikurniaan lelaki yang soleh dan penyayang yang dapat menjaga sehingga akhir hayat...

Photo of them..
Love you all very mushhhhh!! :)

More love when we so far but we have close heart inside..

They are siblings (Shafiqqah & Shazmeen)

My lil sista and me! Love her so much!

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Shazmeen Izzaty said...

ouh ! terharunya kak intan. :D hehehehe. terima kasih banyak2 buat entry ni hehehe. tonight datang rumah. kita buat party in the rainbow garden ! hehehehe love you so much sista !

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