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Monday, March 14, 2011

the ways to reduce our sad..

assalamualaikum u ollss..

(^_^)V (peace)..

this time, i just wanna share something that everybody want to know if they in heartbroken, hurt and sad. as i known, maybe everybody have their own solution when they in above situation.. but for me, if me in this situation:

i will take a long breathe and say "astagfirullahal'azim"..or massage our chest to release the stress of sad..

take a bathe, and sit under the shower rain.. thinking back and empty your brain or throw away the matters.

if it still around your head, after shower take wudhu' and go to solah. then pray to Allah and calm your heart.

u also can do anything that can release your sad..sometimes, people like to eat when they get stress, sometimes people like to go any place that they like such as shopping mall, hills, and watch movie and the most popular activities that people like to do is karaoke..yes.. personally, i love to go to karaoke when i sad, heartbroken, stress and so on..

lastly, the easy way to reduce your sad, u can over sleep. hahaha. =)..this way was my favourite way coz when we sleep, we not think it so much and all probs will gone for temporary..

huhuhu..hope it will give effective effects to u ollss...thanks..

gracias for reading.! :)


RicoRidzhuan said...

take ur heart out, step on it flat then put it back in, :)

Cik Nathrah said...

thanks for the tips!

akmar mia said...

rico: hehehe..aku akan pertimbangkan cara tu.. :)

cik natrah: most welcome dear..thanks reading..

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